How To Do Car Paint Correction – 3 Steps

Paint correction Lexington NC is a service that can really make your car look new again. Paint correction can be done by hand or machine, and it will remove scratches, surface defects, oxidation, and more to restore the paint to its original condition. Paint correction is an important step in preparing for repainting work on your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Learn how to paint corrections are performed with 3 quick steps!

The first step in paint correction is to identify the areas of damage. This can be done by visually inspecting the car, or by using a tool like a Paint Meter to get a more accurate reading. Once you have identified the damaged areas, you will need to decide how best to address them.

If the damage is light, it may be possible to remove it with hand polishing. If the damage is more severe, machine polishing will likely be required. In either case, use only quality products and tools designed for paint correction – using inferior products can actually make the damage worse!

Once you have selected the appropriate tools and products, it’s time to start correcting the damage. Begin by cleaning the area with a degreaser or cleaner to remove any oils or contaminants. Then, apply the polishing compound to the damaged area and use a polishing pad to work it in. Be sure to keep the pad moving at all times, and avoid pressing too hard – this can cause swirls and other damage.

Polish until the compound starts to dry out and turn clear; then buff off any residue with a soft cloth. Repeat these steps for each area of damage until the paint is restored to its original condition.

The final step is to protect the newly-corrected paint with a sealant or wax. Paint correction is a great way to get your car looking new again, so don’t wait any longer – give the paint correction Lexington NC experts a call today!

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