6 Quick & Easy Steps to Apply Ceramic Coating

With ceramic coating, your car will be protected from scratches and other damages. The ceramic coating is very durable and it’s easy to apply! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to apply the ceramic coating in Gig Harbor.

Get a clean surface by washing the exterior of your vehicle with soap and water (use a bucket or hose).

After drying off the car surfaces, use an automotive clay bar to remove any contaminants such as tar or wax that may have been missed during the wash process. This will help ensure good adhesion for the ceramic coatings on top of it.

Thoroughly dry off all surfaces again before moving onto step 5: Apply Ceramic Coating Application Kit.

Mix the ceramic coating application kit contents together in a spray bottle. Spray ceramic coatings mixture onto one area of your car at once, using even strokes and overlapping as you go along. Apply ceramic coatings from top to bottom/side to side or vice versa for each section depending on how large it is. You can apply ceramic coatings with an applicator pad (included) but make sure that they are 100% dry before moving on to another surface! Once finished applying ceramic coatings, remove any excess material left behind by wiping down the area with a microfiber towel until it’s completely dry. The tape should be removed after 24 hours if used; however, this will depend upon humidity levels and temperature so checks back to make sure it’s dry.

If ceramic coatings are accidentally applied to an area that wasn’t meant to be coated, you can immediately wipe off the ceramic coating with a microfiber towel and then reapply ceramic coating after the 24 hours have passed for that surface.

If ceramic coatings are applied to an area that should have been coated, you can either wait 24 hours for the ceramic coating to become sticky and then peel it off or use acetone (also included in the application kit) on a microfiber towel.

After applying ceramic coating: After your vehicle has had its initial ceramic coating layer done, continue with the second step of ceramic coating unless instructed otherwise by our technicians. We offer different color options at most locations so be sure to ask! Ceramic coating Gig Harbor is suitable for cars that don’t get washed very often because they’re able to repel dirty water not allowing bugs/grime/oil etc. to stick onto them which extends the lifetime of any waxes or sealants applied to your car.

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